So who am I…

I am a mother of four amazing children

I am a highly educated, professional woman.

I have been through hell in my professional life with unfair dismissal, bad bosses, awful workplaces and difficult jobs.

I have also had amazing moments where I have changed many lives.

Most importantly I am me. And I would not change that for the world.

…What is my passion…

I change lives. It is what I do.

I mentor, teach, speak and write to help others become a better version of themselves; to find who they really are or want to be; to help them change and change the world around them so they can bring out the best in themselves and others.

So many people are caught up in a world that is telling them to be something they are not or dragging them along at a speed they cannot maintain that they are burning out and I am here to provide the antidote.

I am here to help them find themselves again. To help them slow down and reconnect.

…What is Slow Living…

It is not a new concept. Society noticed we were starting to speed up too much well over one hundred years ago. Slow living is not about being a sloth, or so laid back you do not do anything, it is about being focused, present and caring for yourself. It is also about a greater connection to the world around us.

Slow living does not mean we revert to the dark ages and shun technology, it asks that we regain balance in our lives and know when to turn it off and enjoy the other pleasures in the world.

…How can you get involved…

As and individual – Start from the beginning.

Slow down one step at a time by making small changes. Find little chunks of time to stop and just BE. Stop running and learn to walk. Look up instead of at your phone. Say hello to your neighbours. Eat dinner at table everyday and take time to talk about what you have all been doing.

Take time for yourself every day.

As a business – Book a consultation.

I will come and look at your current levels of wellbeing within the business, assess where the need lies and then we will put a strategy together based upon those needs.

Every business is different. From sole traders to massive corporations, the individuals within them still matter and the wellbeing needs are still the same, however the approach may vary due to the specific nature of the institution.


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