A wedding dress does not have to be white

A wedding dress does not have to be white

If you are getting married in the woods why not blend in. I took a white dress with a beautiful fifties inspired line, drop shoulders and, most importantly, pockets, and added hundreds of leaf prints to give it a truly unique and totally personal feel. It also fitted with the forest theme of the ceremony. And gave it more wearability afters too! Now I have a dress that I can frolic around the woods in to be a forest princess whenever I like without worrying that I have no place for my phone and a bag of chocolate raisins. For the day I paired it with a cathedral length veil that I painstakingly added hundreds of sparkly blue and ab diamante to so that it would catch the last of the year’s sunlight, matched with a pair of elbow length gloves. But for more regular wear a pair of wellies and some woolly gloves will do.

The process of printing took about three days as each section had to be carefully done and dried. Then it was all ironed more than once to make sure it was thoroughly set and fixed. Now it has a lovely edge of mud just to accentuate the hem! But I rather like the look so I am leaving it. It doesn’t get washed, it just has a vodka and essential oil spray on any warm smelling areas after it has been worn to remove the bacteria and then it is hung to dry.

Honestly I am looking forward to my next excuse to break it out and go for a forest walk again.

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