Finding Balance Series

This series of work was started as a response to Lockdown and the restraints of creating during the Covid19 crisis.

During lockdown I have not had the ability to go out and about and source new materials and items to work with so I focussed on working with what I had at home and in my studio. I dyed only with what I had available at this time of year in my garden, scraps from the kitchen and my supply of rusty objects.

My garden has been a lifeline to me as a safe space where I could retreat when life got too much so working with the materials outside has brought me closer to that safe space in nature. I always feel calmer when closer to nature and wanted to use that inmy work.

Finding balance is not just about the concept of aesthetic balance in the pieces, it is also about the balance they bring about in me. Sitting stitching is the time each day when I devote something to just me. I am not working for anyone, not looking after someone else, not trying to keep the ultimate balance of the household. For that short period of time it is just about me and the stitches and that helps me restore my inner balance.

Each piece has been made completely from scratch, from the initial dye stage to final stitching, and although the result looks simple in form in has taken over a month for each piece to reach completion.

This slow process represents the time we have gained too during lockdown; the ability to approach life at this slower pace and in turn the ability to create slowly.

Finding Balance
42 x 42 cm
Holding balance by a loose thread
42 x 42 cm
Working towards balance
47 x 47 cm

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