I have been making costumes since the age of 6. I grew up helping my mother backstage. I first worked in wardrobe at the age of 15 and favourite item I produced at the time was a set of silver masks for a Shakespeare production. I studied fashion and textiles in college and would often run up a new dress for a Friday night out. Not all went well and I vividly remember the green and yellow number that looked fab until I hit the dance floor and discovered it was totally see through!

Nowadays I make both for myself and for others. My range is very broad as over the years I have made everything from every day wear to wedding dresses, cosplay costumes to dance and fetish wear. The thing that links everything is that every piece is unique and designed for the person who is going to be wearing it. I never put anyone in a box or tell them what they should or shouldn’t wear. If you want to be a unicorn princess bride then I’ve made it, or if you want to pole dance as a post-apocalyptic warrior then I’ve made that too!

How does it work? Some of my items are ready made and you can buy these directly through the shop link, but most are made to order. Let me know what you would like either based on something that is already on my site and tell me your size. For more complex ideas and those things you have sketched in notebooks we can communicate by email or I can come and see you to get the process going. I will give you a clear idea from the start how much the project will be and I will not leave you with the garment/outfit until you are happy.


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