May 26th The Kink Market @ The Townhouse on The Wirral

l will be trading with a selection of goodies and the chance to place orders for custom outfits at the Townhouse. Don’t forget to book in advance for your chance to win something in their raffle. You can also get a ticket for the afterparty if you want to stay and socialise and play later. Tickets can be found via the Townhouse website events page.

Talks and workshops: I am available for talks at your venue on all the fabulous things that I do and a variety of workshops.

I have been teaching for over 25 years and have an strong record of successful students who now run their own businesses, have careers in fashion design, have earned places at prestigious institutions internationally for further study and won awards.

I have worked with businesses, groups and individuals across the UK creating bespoke training programs and delivering wellbeing seminars and talks.

I have run workshops for companies at large exhibitions such as the Creative Craft Shows around the UK. I get regular reports about the positive impact my workshops, talks and books have on my students lives. I can also be booked to run workshops for groups, institutions or individuals at your venue. My textiles courses include free machine embroidery, dyeing, craft for wellbeing, cyanotypes and rust work. I also run confidence courses and bibliotherapy sessions. For a full list or to book a completely individual program please email me.

Embrace your inner Wabi Sabi

See how the Japanese theory of imperfection can be embraced not only in your work but in your life to alter your approach for an ultimately life changing experience. This has been reviewed as one of the best talks ever at the Creative Craft Shows.

Crafting climate change

Exploring the relationship between making and living within the fragile environment around us and how the way we work can be adapted to be more in tune with the world. This session also looks at the way practice has changed and the habits makers have developed over the past century. Craftivism as a method of climate activism can be discussed.

Nobody (and nothing) is perfect

How wabi sabi can allow us to free up out thinking and embrace our own imperfections. This session takes us back to our roots and allows us to look deeply onto nature and realise that true beauty comes from the imperfections. In doing so it frees us up to be ourselves and relax. This makes us more peaceful, happier and in turn productive people. More in tune with the world around us and content with what we have.  

Crafting your Inner self

A process of self exploration and rediscovery. It also covers the use of alter egos in art, craft and performance as a method of self expression. A great way to find out things about yourself and you life/work that you had not considered and bring them into your everyday.


A session in using your body, posture and voice to improve your confidence. It also covers dressing and props to help display your inner self and change your demeanour. Covers the use of alter egos, masking and character play. Great for performers, team building and individuals looking to build esteem and general self confidence.

Releasing your voice

Using the power of the written word to help you find a voice for your mind. This session gives you the tools you need to start to put words onto the page and take control of the thoughts. It gives you back power and confidence. It helps you find the inner truth.



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