Inspiration from the beach

Inspiration from the beach

Having grown up by the seaside I get plenty of inspiration every time I return to the beach. Lets face it, there is lots of rust to be found, plenty of natural materials along the shoreline and on a good day a stunning blue sky and sea to accompany it all. Yes, even here in North Wales we can get a glorious blue sky from time to time. The contrast today of the blue sky and the deep orange rust really set off the two tones. I had walked my 10k steps before breakfast along the beach and back pausing to take in the sea half way and watch the waves roll in and out.

It was only me and the seagulls out today until I was most of the way home. I find this very calming, especially living in a world that never seems to stop demanding of me every day. This time of peace and a chance to just be. It gives me time to notice the shapes in the clouds, the ripples in the sand under my feet, the light bouncing off the water as it winds down the beach to the sea. It is these little things that spark the inspiration that I need as an artist to feel creative. Yet sometimes I find it the hardest thing to do; to take the time out to have these moments.

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