German Hardcore inspired BDSM they said. Yes please, I like that challenge. So off I went to the studio and made a thing or two.

  • Thigh high boots that laced and buckled.
  • Hazard warning tape.
  • Blue EL wire that can do flashing lights as well as static wired in to the jacket and the hot pants.
  • My favourite hazard sign – Oxidising Agent – on the back of the jacket.
  • A cable tie halo crown.
  • Spiky rubber choker
  • Goggles
  • leather looker biker style jacket
  • Blue pvc corset
  • boob tube
  • fishnets (of course)
  • gas mask
  • a whole heap of paint that glows in UV light

Result: An outfit that looked fabulous, a little too much glitter that got everywhere and I am still finding weeks later in my truck, and a playbag that matched the outfit.

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