Making the Soul Eater

Making the Soul Eater

Halloween is one of my favourite occasions to create outfits for. In 2023 I decided to use the woodland as inspiration for a Soul Eater costume. The rib cage is a free floating form that is shaped to the body and hugs the figure, but still allows movement. It is fabulously lightweight meaning you can move and even dance in it. I love using gold as it catches the light and creates a wonderful contrast against the black. The headdress uses real rose branches with their rosehips and thorns attached which makes it as deadly as it looks. Black feathers are used to soften the edges and give another light catching glow as they have a green sheen. And the chains and threads add the aged feel. The skirt is made from hand painted/dyed fabric on a rust-dyed waist band which I also aged to give that well lived in look, but even this has it’s hints of gold. The outfit is topped off with a pair of muted, yet still sparkly pasties.

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