The endless to do list

The endless to do list

We all have one, it goes on and on and never gets finished. It takes over our lives and makes us feel that we are not achieving anything. We have been brought up to feel like we have to finish these lists or we are not a success. I know a woman who even crosses things off her list and writes them on a new piece of paper just so she can throw the old one away and feel like she finished it.

How about trying the idea that we don’t need to finish the list. Life is not about trying to prove ourselves to anyone by completing the overlong list…

Far too many of us also torture ourselves by keeping the list mentally adding to it bit by bit until we cannot even remember where it started! So instead of keeping the list in your head go and write it down.

Now look at your list and be honest with yourself. What do you actually need to do. First cross out the things that have been on the list for more than one month. Then cross out what you are only doing to please other people and not yourself. Then cross out anything that fills you with dread…. what have you got left? Will any of these things make a real impact on your life if they never happen – f not they could go too….

Now look at your list and think about how much easier today just became

We’re not perfect and we don’t need to be so stop trying and enjoy life, but remember the point is not to become obnoxious in the process!!

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