What is #showthelove?

It is a campaign engaged in by the WI to encourage the women of Britain to lead the way in talking about climate change. For those of you who have never been part of a WI, you may never have experienced the work that they do in creating conversations. Did you know they started the campaign to Keep Britain Tidy? And are responsible for many more life changing campaigns like better school meals.

#showthelove is relevant right now particularly as next year we lead towards a very important conference in the UK. In November 2020 Glasgow plays host to a global climate summit called COP26. This is a new chance for the UK to help make a difference to the world as we strive to fix the damage that has been done to date. #showthelove is a campaign that asks you to wear a green heart to show that you are committed to working towards saving our world; to making a difference, no matter how small you think you are in the grand scheme of things.

In 10 days time we will have a general election. This means new government and therefore new people to lobby for change. The greens hearts and the #showthelove campaign can be used to ask them to make the change with you and support change within the local and wider community. Your voice may be small but their’s is louder.

Not sure how to get them on board – write to them. Let them know how you feel and ask for their help. The more people that do, the more they will have to listen. Tell them about the #showthelove campaign and that there is support for them too. This support has already helped set the legally-binding net zero target and seen iconic landmarks like Lords cricket ground switch to renewable energy.

Want to make a change yourself this week? Then think about these today – Which energy supplier are you with and where do they source their power. Is your home as insulated as it could be, especially coming into the winter months? Do you have a thermostatically controlled system so you know how warm your house is so you are not overheating your home unnecessarily? When you switch off your electric devices do you leave them on standby or do you switch them right off at the plug? Not only will these things help the environment but often they will save you money too – win, win!!

In the next few days of campaigning for parliament consider the environment as well as the other options presented to you and get your green hearts ready so that when your candidate is elected you are ready to let them know that you expect their support on climate change. And if you want support to lobby them or any other aspect of #showthelove then contact your local WI, they will be happy to help.

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