Weathering effects powders – Rust


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Now you can add real rust to any surface easily.

Step one – Undercoat your object with a rough rust paint effect. It does not have to be great as the rust powder will make the real rust for you, but you don’t want to have the wrong colour glaring out from underneath. Pick a rusty orange/bronze look for the areas where you want to add the rust.

Step two – mix the weathering effects powder into your choice of white glue (the cheap one from the pound shop is fine) until it looks a grey colour and paint onto the surface of your chosen object. the glue dries clear so you do not need to worry about it showing at this point.

Step three – watch glue dry. Or go do something more fun.

Step four – once it is dry spray it lightly with the Advanced weathering solution. This activates the rusting process – you may see some reaction with the glue but to get the real rust effect you need a proper activator.

Step five – watch the rust appear over the next 48 hours.

If you want to add more rust or find you have missed areas just go back and repeat the process, you can also add paint and other effects over the top.


Have fun experimenting.


contains c. 200g powder


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