Rust Dyeing (and other eco dye methods)

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This book will teach you how to use some of the oldest methods of dyeing known to mankind. You will learn how to use oxides to colour cloth with the aid of rust and other eco dyeing methods. By combining rust and plants you will be able to extend you patterns and colourways.

An introduction to the fascinating world of dyeing with rust, plants and more written by the Queen of Rust herself, Bex Raven. With step by step instructions and detailed descriptions, even a complete beginner can master the techniques. Expand your creativity with the  textile projects and learn how to combine the fabrics you have created into artworks.

Bex also believes in craft as a tool for wellbeing and teaches you how to use your making as a way to find your own place of calm and balance in this chaotic world.

This book is 46 pages and includes 14 projects, technical details, history and lots of inspiration. It also has plenty of ideas of what to do with all your beautiful cloth and paper once you have produced it rather than just adding it to your stash!

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