Rust Dye Formula Reactor Crystals – Ferrous


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Instead of having to create a reaction with the formula and rust you can mix up a teaspoon of the reactor crystals in water (make sure you are wearing gloves whilst handling the powder) to create an iron solution.

You can use them in many ways but two options are:

First spray the surface to be dyed with the rust dye formula the paint, spray or pour the iron solution on. With the dark rust dye formula the results are instant, with the bright you will have to wait for the surface to dry and oxidise.

Or you can paint the reactor crystal solution into the surface and then spray the rust dye solution on.

have fun experimenting!

Eco dyeing

It also works as a solution for preparing your surfaces for eco dyeing/printing. Paint the solution across the surface of the fabric before laying your plants on and then bundle tightly. Steam or boil as desired. Wait as long as you like and then unroll and enjoy.

contains c. 100g crystals

For use with the Rust Dye Formula.


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