So many times today I’ve heard people say they always make mistakes in everything they make and do. 

Why are we so critical of ourselves all the time? What we need to do is stop and think about these ‘mistakes’. Do other people even see them for a start? Are we making a big deal out of something because it didn’t quite go the way we planned it in the first place and if so it isn’t a mistake at all merely a new direction or a slightly different way of doing something. Edison had a clear view on mistakes – he didn’t make any he just found lots of different ways of doing things! 

You see a mistake is a very negative state whereas a new direction or a different way of doing something is a positive approach. 

Embrace your inner wabi sabi and start enjoying mistakes as new ideas and not making yourself feel bad for not quite going the direction you set out in. 

No one is perfect, but we’re all amazing.

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