je suis vendre poisson – or I am going to be selfish!

Yes it looks like very bad french, but at dinner the other night I was discussing the idea that sometimes in life it is ok to be selfish and one of the children misheard me and thought I said sell fish so we decided it would be better in french and that was the closest they could get! In fact this whole post is full of bad jokes. (hence the picture)

The point was that at times we need to think about ourselves and what it actually the right thing to do for us. This does not mean we can walk around saying we are better than anyone else and being horrible about it but we have to realise that it is ok to put our own well being at the forefront in our life.

It’s ok to be you to or the guy on the corner or the girl down the road. In fact you have to be you because to be quite frank everyone else is taken. AT the end of the day the most important person in your life is you and that is who you need to focus on right now. So lets sit down and do just that. How many times this week have you done something just for you?Β  Here’s my list of things I do just for me just because I can –

1) eat cake for breakfast
2) sit in my favourite spot in the garden after 4 as the sun is dropping
3) read a book that has no relevance to work whatsoever
4) hug people for no reason
5) read with my children
6) drink lemon and mint cordial with diamond shaped ice cubes
7) do the gardening
8) make something beautiful FOR ME….

These things make me smile and make me feel happy – how many have I actually achieved lately? not enough…. so I know I need to reevaluate my time use and make sure that I get to do more of these and less of whatever is causing me to not be able to do them. Some of them are simple things that take very little time and you will probably find the same in your life.

You will never have time unless you make time.

It is often the small things that become ultimately time consuming and then the things that you dread which start to take over your world. this leads on to you not enjoying what you do and in return not enjoying your life.

That is when you need to STOP and make some time. Little steps. Re-find the simple things. Re-find your smile.

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