As if January was not hard enough with it’s long nights and cold weather, this year it is while we are all still in lockdown. Motivation can be hard to come by at this time of year as we are the wrong side of Christmas for most and the lack of proper sunlight is kicking in. Mood can be a tricky one, with low moods being common. Do not feel like you are alone in this as much of the population is going through the same feelings.

In December Christmas gave a lot of people something to look forward to and this helps you get through the more difficult days. So why not set yourself things to look forward to now. I know it is not possible to predict when we will be able to go away or have a day out, so pick things you can do at home. What about a home spa day with pampering and bubble baths. Or, you could get a film on disc, some popcorn or crisps and have a cinema night. The thing is to set a date so it is a future plan and something you can count down to. Having a light at the end of even part of the tunnel helps.

I know we have to stick within our household’s, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy the company of the people we live with and break the monotony of the current living with a special occasion. Try to think about what you wear too. For a special moment, why not dress up. Have home based date nights with posh outfits and dinner. Have a theme night and watch the film to go with it. These become times to plan for not just happen and the planning is often half the fun.

We like a game night in our house. We get giant bags of crisps and bottles of pop as a treat and all sit together around a tale in the living room to play. Sometimes it is a new game and sometimes it is our old favourites, but it is something to look forward to. We have even taken to playing at the dinner table some nights as it keeps conversation going when life is not doing much else to talk about.

Having these moments allows us to focus on the now of our life. It takes us away from the outside world and gives escapism. But, most of all, it creates fun. Fun is important to lift mood and keep us going.

So it is over to you. Pick a date and plan a fun moment. And do not forget to keep at least one photograph of the occasion so you have something to look back on and remind yourself that life is still amazing.

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