Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling

what is a bullet journal? It is a planning system designed by Ryder Carrol that uses a blank paged book to create a journal. You can plan, list, record and more within the plain pages using a system that is quite simple once you get used to it. It allows you to keep your mind in the now while planning the future and tracking the past.
what goes into your journal and where to START? The key aspect of the journal is the ability to recognise each point and migrate the necessary ones forward for example unfinished to do list items. You work in spreads (single or double pages) and have a variety of daily, weekly and monthly spreads. These are often referred to as trackers. Start by creating an index page so you can reference and fins things as your journal fills up. You will also need a key.

This contains the symbols used within the journal so you remember them and you can add to this as your book evolves. Next a future log is a good addition. Just like a traditional diary this allows you to see ahead a few months and track important events and dates. Think of it as a 6 month quick planner. Then you can break this down by creating a ‘monthly’.   These are the fun spreads where you can be as creative as you like on covering a full month in 2 pages. Start from the month we are in. Then make weekly or daily logs over the next pages. The choice is yours on which you want to do and it may vary throughout the journal depending on how busy you are. Make sure you update your index each time you add a section. And most importantly use you journal daily! Remember to add page numbers if the book does not have them so you can find things more easily.

And importantly remember it is a resource for you not an art project so do not worry too much about what it looks like. Make it practical and enjoy it as well as having a greater connection with your life.
To get going all you need is a blank book. Make sure the paper is good enough so that you cannot see your writing through the back of eh page and then get journaling. Any pens will do, and you can do the whole thing in black pen if you like. If you prefer colour, then get some into the book. I like lists so mine is more functional than pretty and I keep my key simple. A dot for things I need to do, a dash for things to note and a circle for events. You can easily turn your dot into a cross for done, a forward’s arrow for migrating it in time or if you decide that the task does not need doing then cross the whole thing out. Stars can denote an important item and exclamation marks show you inspiration points.
In the space around your dailies and weeklies you can add quotes, pictures and whatever you find as these become part of the wellbeing and focus in your journal. You can even designate whole pages to pictures, quotes, and inspiration. Therefore, we only build the new pages when we need them rather than blocking out too far ahead. And remember to add information to your index when the new items go in. Your journal can also track anything you like, from water consumption to mood. You can make charts where you add a symbol, number or colour to each section or add this to your weekly log. Either way you can look back and see how what you do can affect your wellbeing. And by setting targets you can then give yourself rewards.
Logging gratitude (what we are grateful for) or affirmations (how we feel positive about ourselves) is a great way to use your journal too. This gives you a positive moment each day with yourself and a record of how these change. You can either do this on a separate section of the book (eg. Start at the back and work forwards) or build in a page or section for this inside your main journal.

So find yourself a blank book you like and your favourite pen and get going. For more tips and ideas try www.littlecoffeefox.com where most of the journaling images here came from or www.bulletjournal.com for more formal ideas. If you search bullet journals online there are lots more ideas to stimulate your imagination.                                                                                                                    Enjoy the start of a new year, Bex

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