The art of taking things slowly

Everyday life gets faster as modern technology and society push us to respond quicker, be constantly connected and keep up with the world 24/7. I find it important to take the time to slow down and this is why stitch by hand every day. Repetitive kantha or traditional sashiko style stitching is both beautiful and functional and the simplicity of the technique allows for an aura of calm while you work.

I draw my inspiration from British and Japanese roots with a hint of the orient. Reclaimed material is my favourite for this style of work as it breathes new life into the fabric. Some I dye myself and some is left to show its own passage through time with marks and stains being incorporated as part of the pattern.

I call this technique mindful stitching and teach it at workshops across the UK encouraging people of all ages and abilities to learn to use stitching as a tool to relax and enjoy themselves either on their own or as a group. I incorporate some textile history into the session looking at the background to the style, the reasons behind the ‘make do and mend’ movement and some of the research into craft as therapy.

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