Dyes from nature, an exquisite palette

I love to use rust and natural dyeing methods to create unique fabric and threads. Dyes can be found in everything from rusty objects to plant matter and my garden serves as the perfect source for colour. I spend hours in my greenhouse creating and steaming bundles and filling pots to stew in the sun. The colours are unpredictable due to changes in seasons, water, cloth and of course ingredients but the results are always exciting. the best thing is if it doesn’t work first time you can overdye so nothing is wasted. I am not a purist and I also work with man made dyes to create a wider range of colours by adding these to the mix.

This piece is dyed with rust, more specifically nails! I put my Artworks together in a way to draw attention to the beautiful details in each piece of fabric and I often like to combine objects from the dyeing process in the composition.

Even though I have been doing this now for over 5 years and I know how to create a wide range of colours from the bright orange most commonly associated with rust to browns, purples, greens and blacks without adding a drop of man made dye, I love the moment of un-rolling or un-folding the bundle. It is magical to see exactly what shapes and forms you have on your fabric, it’s a little like the excitement of opening a birthday present every time! Some have very obvious shapes and others are more subtle – what can you see in this one?

Each piece is totally unique and can take up to 4 weeks to create depending on the fabric and the method used.

If you would like to learn how to do it I run workshops and I have a kit that can get you started – just follow the shop link and look in the kits.

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