Going in Circles, My journey through Stitch

A look at the unusual route I have taken to get from my beginnings as a student through a mixture of
careers to where I am now as a full time textile artist and how it is never too late to do what you want in
your life.

Embrace your inner Wabi Sabi

See how the Japanese theory of imperfection can be embraced not only in your artwork but in your life
to alter your approach for an ultimately life changing experience.

Wabi Sabi, Weddings and War Bikes

Exploring the diverse role I have as a textile artist working in the modern era combining traditional techniques with a very contemporary outcome.


Talks last approx. 1 hour and I bring lots of examples of work to suit the group and talk.

I can also bring a selection of my dyed fabrics, books and kits available for the group to view/purchase.

Daytime talk £90, Evening talk £110
Travel, accommodation extra