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Being a manager takes a thick skin. Every day you have to make decisions that not everyone is going to like. Some will have a small impact and some will make a big difference but every decision triggers a change. Think butterfly effect. Every choice has options and the option you choose has an outcome. There is no going back from any decision you make and you have I ride with the outcome.

Now consider that everyday you are a manager…. the manager of the company of YOU. You are faced with choices and have to act on them, some you have time to consider and others have to be rather more quickly taken. All are important and the outcome will change your future. It is through this cycle that your life evolves.

As you make these choices you will be offered advice, asked to include others in your outcomes and be given options outside your own path. You will make decisions that sometimes go against your better judgement, often for the sake of others happiness rather than your own. And sometimes you will end up with outcomes you did not plan for it could never have expected.

It is in these moments you will find out who is truly important in your life, for in these moments those who matter will support you and stand by you. As a manager you learn that however hard you plan for all eventualities life really will throw everything at you and sometimes you have to just step back and start again.

It takes strength to carry on, it takes even more strength to stop and admit something is not working. A good manager can see when it is time to hold your head up high and say no more even when the decision is hard and will cause unpopularity.

Taking each day one step at a time is the right way forward as we don’t receive that management training afforded to the top executives in their shiny suits. But also we need to remember that they are not infallible either.

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