why the world needs more dresses….

August 22, 2017

 Every girl dreams of being a princess at least once in her life, just not every princess is Cinderella and needs a prince charming to sweep her off in glass slippers and a crystal gown. Some girls would be more at home in the flaming dress from the Hunger Games. I have spent much of the last few weeks learning that I am most definitely not the only one who would love a ballgown to match my ombre purple and blue hair…

 Or something that is most definitely not at all white! We love to make a statement and our clothes are an extension of our personality so why do we spend so much time allowing the world to force us into a box with our outfits. I had a fantastic time last week at the festival of quilts one day with my son and another with my co-designer. On the first day I have never been stopped by the press so much and asked if we could be photographed ‘because you don’t look like our typical show goer!’. Just because we weren’t in blue jeans and a top and had let our personality shine through our clothes as we do daily. Now imagine your biggest day and then ask yourself why you have to wear white??!

 Why not wear your favorite shades from head to toe. Take influence from your favourite Artist, time period or place and put all this together into an outfit and suddenly you have something that makes you the princess you dreamed of when you were younger but as yourself not Belle or Anastacia. 

 And if that outfit fuses several styles together then so be it. Personally I love the Spanish, punk rock, black mermaid with frills and ears look.

 or if you prefer twin peacocks and lots and lots of frills…..

but most importantly lots of your personality and ideas in your dress not someone elses.

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